I am a current MHRD student, and I moved out of district. Can I stay at Morris Hills or Morris Knolls through the Choice Program?

If you move out of our district during the school year, you are permitted to stay until the end of the school year in which you move. If you would like to stay for the following year, you must fill out a School Choice application. If you move before the state application deadline, fill out an application online at www.mhrd.org. Current MHRD students who move are given preference in the admissions process to stay as Choice students for the subsequent school year.

If you move after the state deadline, see the Supervisor of School Counseling at your high school for a paper Choice application. You will be given priority on the School Choice waitlist for the program you are applying to (General HS Program, Magnet, or IB) if there are no seats available. If you are not called off the waitlist, you must withdraw at the end of the school year in which you moved. Twelfth graders may write to the Superintendent asking to stay at their current school through the senior privilege option.

Please note that if you move out of district, MHRD will no longer provide transportation. You can contact your new resident district for transportation options.