How does the admissions process work for the General High School Program?

Students must submit all paperwork by the required deadlines in order to be considered. If we have more applicants than available seats, a lottery will be conducted to determine which students are selected.
Students not selected will be placed on a numbered waiting list in case seats open up.
Students may be denied admission if the district is unable to implement a student’s IEP/ISP or 504 Plan due to lack of program availability or if the implementation of the IEP/ISP or 504 Plan would cause an undue financial burden on the district. Students with disabilities whose IEP or 504 Plan can be implemented by the district without undue financial burden are eligible for admission to any of the four available programs.
Academic achievement and test scores do not factor into admission for the General High School program.  Students who currently have siblings attending Morris Hills or Morris Knolls as Choice students (amd those siblings will be enrolled in the Choice school the following year), students who attend Wharton public schools as choice students,  OR students who currently attend Hills or Knolls but are moving and wish to remain through Choice will have preference over all other applicants as long as they apply within the established timelines.