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High School

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Joe Kubert School Presentation

On November 17th and 18th the Joe Kubert School presented a lesson on "Developing a Comic Page" to the Cartooning and Animation classes at Morris Hills and Morris Knolls alongside art teachers Lewis Gabriele and Tricia Goginsky.

Kubert School Director Carol Thomas with Kubert teachers and assistants Lloyd Briggery, Brian Benjamin, Kelsey Cowan, Sarah Madura, Christian Martinez, and Dov Smiley led the classes and offered individual assistance to the students.

At the conclusion of the block, each student had numerous handouts outlining superhero character development, as well as a plan for future work.

These presentations mark the third year that the Kubert School has reached out with a valuable lesson for our HS students, the methodologies of what a career in cartooning involves, as well as continued offerings at the Kubert School.

Dayle Clifford, District Consulting Teacher of Fine and Performing Arts, has nothing but praise for the staff at Kubert. "Carol and Lloyd always proactively offer any venue available to meet our needs. The staff has continually accommodated our schedules and teacher's needs. Everyone appreciates these efforts on our behalf". She is also quick to praise the administration at MHRD for their support of the arts.

Thomas will lead the district cartooning classes on a tour of the Kubert School in January, where they will meet the artists, students, and experience the typical sequential processes involved in the development of a cartoon.