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     February 2023

    My Dear Colleagues, Parents and Guardians, and Students,


    There is something about the mid-point of a school year that underscores the incredible pace and power of time. It takes over our clocks, our calendars, our deadlines, and our finish lines and reminds us once again that calm waters find no place in high school life. Moving forward in high gear with a plan and a purpose defines the mandate of the moment; and here we are, together, embarking on yet another second half with sights of June only an arm’s length away. Yes, the passage of time is daunting.


    For me personally, it feels like yesterday that I sat at my desk in mid-August developing an opening message to launch the 2022 - 2023 school year. The challenge I offered was housed within our school-wide theme: “Big Changes Come from the Inside - Your Time to POP is Now.” As I stated in August, the very nature of popcorn is quite complex. Although it is usually prepared in the same, singular pot, in the same heat, in the same oil, the kernels do not always pop at the same time or in the same configuration - some pop early, some pop late, and some do not pop at all. It all depends on the kernel. The kernel determines the outcome; and so it is with each of us. Do we elect to grow, to develop, to give of ourselves, to put forth effort, to commit, to reach out to others, to reach within and ask the very best of ourselves? Only we can determine our outcomes based on what we are willing to do and how we are willing to live.


    Since the curtain went up in September, this high school has, indeed, been “popping” on all levels. Our staff, true to form, has continued to serve in a style that showcases the very best in education - competence, compassion, commitment, and professionalism. No Principal could ask for more. Our coaches and activity advisors have provided arenas that invite challenge, opportunities, success, and growth. Our support staff has continued to play a central role in nurturing our goals. Our amazing students have continued to respond with engagement, respect, risk-taking, and spirit. Our parental community has once again supported all efforts and opportunities for growth and advancement. How fortunate we are. Morris Hills High School is healthy because our dimensions come together in partnership, relying on each other to get the job done, to reach within, to expect the very best of ourselves and each other. So, at this mid-point of a hectic academic year, I am both grateful and humbled to report that Morris Hills High School continues to light the way for those we are privileged to serve; and I thank you all for making that an unyielding reality.


    We have a good deal of time and work left before closing the curtain on the 2022 - 2023 school year. Additionally, we have a good deal of time left to further “POP,” and a good deal of time left to make a difference, to reach within, and to impact change. I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to contemplate additional ways to make that happen as we head into our final semester, once again sharing a common playing field of both opportunity and responsibility. Let’s meet the concluding moments together and complete our 2022 - 2023 school mission.


    Stay well, stay focused, and stay connected to the high school we are blessed to know as ours.


    In the Spirit of Partnership,  

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    Todd M. Toriello, Ed.D.