• Registration for the 2024-2025 School year will open on Dec 11th.

    The Morris Hills Regional District serves the communities of Denville, Rockaway Borough, Rockaway Township, and Wharton.  The district also admits students from other New Jersey communities through the Inter-District School Choice Program.  This page is for students who are domiciled in one of the four sending districts.  All other interested students should visit the School Choice webpage for additional information. 

    Registration Information

    The online Registration Portal can be found here (ASPEN)

    If you already have an Aspen account you can access the Online Registration using your PARENT Account.  
    Once logged in go to Start a New Online Registration; it is located in the middle of the page. Click the word +Initiate.

    Step 1. Create an Aspen account by selecting the Request an Account Link ONLY if you are NEW to the District.

    Step 2.  If you are new to the district and do not have another Student at Morris Hills Regional (Hills or Knolls), select I am a parent/guardian new to the District.

    Step 3. Complete the online form and create an Account.  An email confirmation will be sent to verify your email address.

    Step 4. Return to the Aspen login screen and use your email as your account name and the password that you just created.

    Step 5. Once logged in click on start a new Student Registration from the Aspen Homepage. 

    *All required documents must be uploaded to the Online Registration Portal under the Documents Tab. A list of required documents can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/mhrdresidency

     If you do not have a document scanner you can use a smartphone and take an image of your documents and upload to the document section.

    If you are using a phone or tablet you must switch to “desktop view” to proceed with registration.

    If you are unable to complete your registration online,  email registrar@mhrd.org to set up an appointment.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who needs to register?

    Any 8th Grader who lives in Denville, Rockaway Borough, Rockaway Township, or Wharton AND

    • plans on attending Morris Hills or Morris Knolls OR
    • plans on attending Morris County Vocational School District** OR
    • plans on attending a private or parochial school**

    **for transportation purposes

    Which high school do I register for?

    You must register for the high school indicated by your address, even if you are applying for the In-District School Choice Lottery.  If you are admitted to the lottery and accept your seat, the registrar will automatically switch your registration to the choice school. If you're not sure which high school you should register for, please click here to check your address. 

    What do I need to enroll my student?

    1.       Students Birth Certificate

    2.       Parent ID

    3.       Verification of Residency 6 points of verification please see chart below

    All applicants must also submit documentation worth a total of 6 points as indicated below.  All documentation must include the Parent/Guardian name and address in order to be accepted. 


    Municipal Tax Bill (3 points)

    Deed (3 points)

    Unexpired lease in its entirety (3 points)

    Current Mortgage Statement 




    Cable Bill (2 points)

    Drivers License with Current Address (2 points)

    Health Insurance Bill (1 point)

    Water Bill (2 points)

    Electric Bill (2 points)

    Bank Statement (1 point)

    Credit Card Statement (1 point)

    Car Insurance (2 points)

    NJ Car Registration (1 point)

    Gas Bill (2 points)

    Pay Stub (2 points)

    Government Mail (2 points)

    *financial information can be blacked out

    If you cannot provide the proofs listed above, please contact Susan Andersen, the registrar, at 973-664-2295 or sandersen@mhrd.org,  for additional options.  It is important to note that students will not be scheduled for classes/transportation  nor will they be permitted to participate in summer athletics/activities unless residency has been confirmed.

    For Student Records, we will request:

    • Transfer of Records & Release Form
    • Health/Immunization records
    • Transcripts/Test Scores from the previous school (If transcripts are in a language other than English or Spanish, having transcripts translated into English is recommended to expedite the scheduling process.)
    • Proof of custody (if applicable)
    • Attendance and Disciplinary Records
    • IEP/504 Plan (if applicable)

    What happens once all of the documents are submitted?

    Once required documents are submitted, the registrar will review them and determine if more information is needed. A high school and counselor will be assigned. The counselor will call you to come in to set up classes. Busing information will be provided if appropriate.

    What happens if my name is not on the lease, deed, mortgage statement or tax bill?

    “Short Affidavits” forms must be submitted. The renter/owner and the parent/guardian must complete appropriate forms and have it notarized.

    What happens if a student lives with a person other than a parent or legal guardian?

    ‘Long Affidavits’ forms must be submitted. The parent and the person with whom the student is residing must complete appropriate forms and have them notarized. Documents must be returned within 30 days. These are sent to our Board Offices for approval. Hardship or proof of seeking custody of student must be verified.


    Contact Info

    • District Registration Office is located at Morris Knolls High School - Room A11
    • Susan Andersen -973-664-2295 - registrar@mhrd.org  FAX: 973-201-2585