• Teacher Compensation 
    Morris Hills Regional takes pride in a rigorous recruitment process that aggressively seeks to hire the most qualified and committed teachers in the region. Our starting salary is among the highest in the state of New Jersey and we offer a competitive fringe benefit package, longevity, tuition reimbursement, tax deferred mutual funds, a new teacher mentor program, an excellent staff development program, and additional compensation for advanced degrees. In addition, teachers work in a respectful and professional environment where students are motivated to learn and school administrators are invested in your success.
    2022-2023 Teacher Starting Salaries (Step 1)
    • BA - $62,245
    • BA+30 - $67,745
    • MA - $70,245
    • MA+30 - $77,745
    The teacher guide provides for salary steps based on years of experience. Candidates with teaching experience are evaluated and offered an appropriate step on the salary guide.