• Staff Awards 2023-24
    Teacher of the Year | Educational Specialist | Support Staff of the Year:  
    Nominations may come from teachers, students, administrators, parents, and community members. The recommendations are then submitted to a district committee that consists of parents, teachers, and administrators. The nominees fill out an application and the committee reviews the applications and makes the final decision.
    Year Teacher
    2024 Richard Hartsuiker
    2023 Nancy Yaeger
    2022 Tim Mein
    2021 Theresa Caruso
    2020 Peter Schuenzel
    Year Educational Specialist
    2024 Stacey Feiss
    2023 Chris Hurley
    2022 Alyson Seltzer
    2021 Anne Albicocco
    2020 Laura Lugo
    Year Support Staff
    2024 Elizabeth Piccinini
    2023 Maria Russo
    2022 Sue Kellner