• Overview
    The Technology Student Association (TSA) is the national organization for technology education students.  
    It consists of high school, intermediate and elementary students who are currently enrolled in or have completed technology education courses. TSA was originally established in 1978 as the American Industrial Arts Students Association (AIASA). In 1998, AIASA changed its name to Technology Student Association to reflect a commitment to the dynamic field of technology and the future.
    Purpose – TSA promotes students to “grow through achievement” through co-curricular and extracurricular activities that make a student’s education and training more meaningful. TSA provides the opportunity to:
    • experiment and learn new skills one might otherwise never experience
    • be involved in projects for oneself, one’s chapter, one’s school and community
    • meet and work with leaders from industry and commerce who can provide career information
    • lead others to follow and to make decisions
    • receive all member services provided for TSA members from the TSA national office.
    Alexander Visakay avisakay@mhrd.org