• Overview
    Project LEAD stands for Leadership, Education, Action and Development. The club is dedicated to helping other students through its many activities such as freshman orientation, spirit activities, and quality socials. The club also serves members of the community through adult school and various community service projects.  
    The goals of the club are to create an atmosphere in school for learning and for social and physical development; to meet the freshmen the summer before coming to Morris Hills and attempt to make the transition to high school easier; and to run quality activities in an attempt to promote a positive school atmosphere.
    The faculty recommends students for Project LEAD based on the following criteria: 
    • Willingness to serve the Morris Hills community in a positive way 
    • Positive attitude 
    • Displaying a healthy attitude towards school  
    • Friendly 
    • Reliability  
    • Leadership 
    The students are selected after writing a one-page essay and being interviewed by a panel of current Project LEADers.
    Doris Lembo dlembo@mhrd.org