•  Overview
    The MHHS Business Department strives to reach the following goals in curriculum and instruction:
    • Strengthen Computer Skills. These skills can be carried with them to college or to part-time or full-time employment. Our extensive software offerings along with our new state-of-art computer labs make our department second to none. We teach industry-standard software! Colleges require students to own a personal computer or laptop. Your student can be far ahead of the rest by choosing the right business computer courses.
    • Develop “Life Skills” needed by all consumers. Business courses help students develop skills and gain knowledge in personal finance, time management, note taking, organizational skills and goal setting. This information will be applied throughout their lives in important decisions related to mortgage agreements, automobile loans, insurance protection and both personal and business legal rights.
    • Good Work Habits to apply to any career. Self-confidence, problem solving, critical thinking, reliability, teamwork and leadership are learned in Business classes. Students feel a sense of accomplishment which fosters the self-assurance young people need to set and achieve their goals. 
    The MHHS Business Department offers a variety of courses that meet the Financial Literacy Requirement and give students foundations in business principles and computer skills. The Business department also gives student access to business clubs and activities.
    The MHHS Business Department is affiliated with the following organizations: