Ms. Benack


    The Talon creates the Morris Knolls yearbook. There are three major tasks that members perform: taking pictures, designing layouts and writing copy. Students who serve as photographers are urged to take as many pictures as possible. If you have an interest in photographic design or have any ideas for next year's book, our photography staff is looking for you.

    The layout staff is looking for students with an eye toward design. Virtually all the pictures must be laid out and we welcome any and all talent.

    Finally, we need people who have a flair for writing. The yearbook should be half copy, consisting of individual copy blocks, headlines and captions.

    Membership in the Talon is open to all class members--freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.
    If you don't take pictures, design layouts or write copy, there is still a place for you. The Talon needs people to schedule photography sessions, select pictures, type copy and proofread all work. We even need students who will alphabetize names for us.