The Morris Knolls French Club is a group of highly motivated students who are interested in learning more about the French language and culture. Activities during normal, monthly club meetings may include: discussing current events in the French-speaking world, watching movies (in French, of course), making/eating French food, making crafts and doing projects related to various holidays, discussing various aspects of French culture, and numerous other activities involving French. Most meetings will be conducted at least partly in French, so a general background in the language is helpful, although not necessary. Occasional out-of-school trips may be planned that immerse club members further into the French culture. For example, we may go see a movie or eat dinner in a French restaurant. Community service projects are also an activity that we may take part in from time to time. Examples include bake sales and other fund raisers to earn money for impoverished francophone regions, international charities, or local communities in need. A small donation is required in order to participate in certain activities/meetings, as food and/or art materials must be purchased in advance. If you’re interested in French culture, language, or international events, the French Club is definitely the place for you!