• Overview
    Knowledge of history and the other social sciences is necessary for undertaking any inquiry into the political, social, and moral issues of the day. By studying the achievements and failures of the past, students will have a more thorough comprehension of the choices our society faces and their likely consequences. Social studies also offers our pupils a chance to better understand the world in which we live, to increase their respect for different cultures and peoples, and to recognize the commonalities that bind us.  
    Through the implementation of a broad range of teaching methods and assessments, we challenge our students to go beyond the content; to be critical and creative thinkers, reflective learners, researchers and problem solvers. A strong emphasis is placed on being able to directly address an issue and to clearly articulate one’s point of view through writing, discussion, debate, and formal presentation. By strengthening the skills that develop informed, reflective, and responsible citizens, we also give our pupils the tools they need to succeed in this diverse, interdependent, technological world. The goal is for our children to graduate as socially aware, democratic participants who draw on the lessons of social studies throughout their lives.