• Policies
    Physical Exams:  Physical Form (Non-Sports)
    All Grade 9 students and new entrants in the school are required to have a comprehensive physical examination which includes ears, nose, heart, lungs, hernia, and back. This examination must be completed by your personal physician.  
    Medication:  OTC Medical Form
    During the school year your child may need to take medication during school hours. The school will not supply over-the-counter (OTC) medications to students. Students requiring prescribed and/or OTC medications during school must submit the district medication form.
    In case of illness during the school day, students must report to the School Health Office. Students will not be permitted to leave school grounds because of illness without the school nurses' medical sanction. 
    Physical Education Excuses
    In order for students to be excused from participating in Physical Education class, a physician’s note must be presented which states the diagnosis and the length of time to be excused.
    According to MHRD Board of Education Policy #5330, no medication will be administered to pupils except by the school nurse. The policy includes an exception for self-administered medication for pupils with asthma and other potentially life-threatening illnesses.
    Contagious Diseases
    Students will not be permitted to enter school or classrooms after a contagious disease or medical exclusion without a medical clearance from their private medical doctor and a medical re-entry certificate from the school nurse.
    Student Insurance
    Student accident insurance will be made available on a direct contract basis with the insurance company selected by the Board of Education. 
    For more information, click to view MHRD Health Services Policies