• Overview
    H.O.P.E is an acronym that stands for Happiness, Opportunities, Prosperity, for Everyone. H.O.P.E will give a true volunteer experience for those individuals who care to better the community and school’s atmosphere. Anyone is welcome to volunteer at any point of the year. H.O.P.E. members take part in trips to soup kitchens, clean up days in parks or around our school, and local community. H.O.P.E. members raise funds for organizations such as Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, participating as volunteers in the CGI Marathon at Rutgers. We participate in local marches against hunger, raising funds for soup kitchens. Every month we have awareness topics. We gather information about a disease, dysfunction, or a crisis facing our world today such as: Autism, bullying, heart disease, or Cystic Fibrosis. H.O.P.E members create showcases, design posters, create letters to organizations representing H.O.P.E (details explained explicitly in club meetings), etc. 
    We also collect food for our local food-banks, and items for those in need. H.O.P.E. members have the opportunity to participate in Teach the World Online. We meet twice weekly to teach English to students without schools in Haiti, Nepal, Colombia, and other areas via Skype.
    Mary Paulson
    Peter Adams