• Overview
    The Choral Department at Morris Hills High School offers all students a variety of opportunities to participate in vocal music. Chorus can be taken as a full year 5-credit course. Madrigals, Women's Chorus, Men’s Choir and the Knights Templar also provide students with differing avenues of musical expression and performance.  
    The Knights Templar and the Madrigals are auditioned groups. These two ensembles frequently represent Morris Hills High School at public events and concerts and are our two most select choirs. Auditions occur during the first month of school.
    In all vocal groups, emphasis is placed on learning and using healthy vocal techniques, reading music notation and understanding different types of choral literature through the study of music history and world music cultures.
    All students are first encouraged to join Chorus as a 5-credit course. A weekly lunch lesson is required of all Chorus students. If their schedule does not allow them to take classes, the other option of after school participation is encouraged. Students must take Chorus during the school day if they wish to audition for Knights Templar and Madrigals.