• Overview
    The Morris Hills Regional District is home to one of the most comprehensive technology programs in the state. With state of the art technology such as multiple 3D printers, a fully functional and modern graphics lab, laser engraver,  and plasma cutter (to name a few), students leave our program fully equipped to find success in a multitude of career choices. 
    Every course offered by the department is taught by a teacher who has industry experience in the field. This subject area provides unique curriculum opportunities for pupils to work on extended tasks, where they synthesize and apply knowledge from this and many other subject areas to solve realistic problems, providing a unique life skill with many applications throughout their subsequent lives and careers beyond school.
    Upon completing the extensive coursework of the MHRD technology program, students are prepared to pursue further education at four-year colleges and universities, two-year community colleges, and technical schools. Students are also prepared to gain entry level positions in the workforce and labor unions in their area of ability.
    The technology department has a course to accommodate students of all levels and abilities and provide them with skills they will be able to apply throughout their lifetime. The department takes seriously its commitment to assist students in developing the creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills essential for making productive contributions as employees and citizens.