• Story of Morris Hills 
    Morris Hills High School, with its modern comprehensive curriculum, stands today as evidence of the foresight,  planning, cooperation, hard work, and courage of many citizens and educators.  MH has become nationally recognized in various activities including Forensics, Athletics, Music and Academics. Graduates have attended various schools and colleges and they have distinguished themselves in the service of our country.
    • On September 9, 1953, Morris Hills was opened for the entrance of its first classes.
    • The six curricula offered during the first year included: College Preparatory, Art, Business, Vocational Homemaking, Vocational Building Trades, and Auto Mechanics.  
    • In 1955, an addition was approved and eventually added 1000 students.  It also provided further facilities for the college preparatory and vocational rooms as well as adding subject areas to the curriculum.  
    • In 1998, the Superintendent, Dr. McNasby, lead the creation of the Academy for Mathematics, Science and Engineering, to the Morris Hills Campus.
    • The Academy opened its doors to twenty-four students on September 5, 2000.  
    • In 2009, MH became part of the Northwest Jersey Athletic Conference.
    • In 2013, MH has received the Silver Award from U.S. News and World Report as one of the best high schools in the nation.
    • In 2017, Morris Hills High School was named in US News and World Report’s Best High Schools, receiving the Silver Award. The high school ranks 59th in the State of New Jersey and among the top 7% of high schools across the nation.
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