• Graduation Requirements
    Students must complete 140 credits, 20 credits above the established state guideline, and achieve a passing score on the Partnership For Assessment of Readiness For College and Careers (PARCC) or other assessment (PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.) in order to earn a diploma. Students are required to carry a minimum of 35 credits each academic year. Morris Knolls classes run on a two day alternating Block Schedule with four 88-minute class blocks on each day. The full year courses run from September through June for 5 credits while semester courses earn 2.5 credits. 
    Content Area Credits Required For Graduation Most Rigorous Courses Offered
    (Advanced Placement & IB)
    English 20 credits (4 years) AP English – Language & Composition
    AP English – Literature & Composition
    IB English HL, SL
    World Languages 5 credits (1 year) IB Spanish SL
    AP Spanish Language
    IB French SL
    AP French Language
    IB German SL
    Mathematics 15 credits (3 years)

    IB Math SL
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Calculus BC
    AP Statistics

    Science 15 credits (3 years) IB Biology HL
    AP Biology
    IB Chemistry SL
    AP Chemistry
    IB Physics SL
    AP Physics C
    AP Physics I
    AP Environmental Science 
    Social Studies 15 credits (3 years) IB History HL
    AP U.S. History
    IB Psychology HL, SL
    AP Psychology
    IB Theory of Knowledge
    AP European History
    AP United States History
    AP Economics (Micro & Macro)
    AP European History
    AP Psychology
    AP Human Geography (Sept 2016)
    AP United States Government and Politics (Sept 2016) 

    Physical Education/Health & Safety

    20 credits (4 years)  
    Visual & Performing Arts 5 credits (1 year) AP Art History
    AP Studio Art: 2D
    AP Music Theory
    IB Theatre Arts HL, SL
    IB Music SL
    AP Studio Art: Drawing 
    Computer Literacy 5 credits (1 year) AP Computer Science
    21st Century Life and Careers 5 credits (1 year)  
    For a complete list of courses, view the Program of Studies 2017-18