• Shadow Program
    The Shadow Program is an experience which makes the community a classroom in career exploration. It provides students the opporunity to follow a professional on the job in order to get a better understanding of the world of work. It is an action-learning experience beyond the traditional career education curriculum.

    Summary of Steps:
    1. Complete a Shadow Request form, found in the Guidance Office, and return it to Mr. Esdale (x2216) resdale@mhrd.org
    2. Mr. Esdale will schedule an appointment with you in order to make the necessary arrangements with the community sponsor and to establish a Shadow site.
    3. Once the contact is made with the job mentor, a permission form will be given to the student that needs to be signed by the parent/guardian. Teacher signatures for all classes missed must also be obtained.
    4. Student is to complete a Post Evaluation after shadow experience is complete. The form can be picked up in the Guidance Office.
    Before The Shadow
    • See your counselor if you are undecided about appropriate Shadow choices.
    • Remember, the program is ongoing but you can only shadow twice during an academic year.
    • Follow the procedure closely. Pay particular attention to the steps outlined by the Shadow Coordinator.
    During The Shadow
    • Arrive on time.
    • Dress appropriately.
    • Be prepared to ask questions; your counselor may be of help.
    • Remember, you are a guest.
    • Take advantage of any opportunites your host may offer you.
    After The Shadow
    • Write a thank-you note to your host.
    • Think about next steps to further explore career choices.
    • Share your experiences with parents, friends and counselor.