• Shadow Program


    Shadow days allow students to follow a professional on the job in order to get a better understanding of the world of work.  We encourage all students to seek opportunities to extend their learning into the community.


    1. If you have a shadow opportunity, contact the Shadow Coordinator.
    2. Parents and teachers will need to sign a permission form in order to move forward with the shadow day.
    3. Contacting teachers about missed work is the responsibility of the student.
    4. Students can receive 2 excused absences during the school year for a shadow day.

    Shadow Opportunities:

    1. The Atlantic Health System sponsors 3 shadow days at Morristown Medical Center. The 2019/2020 dates are November 18, March 30, and May 11.  Further information can be obtained by contacting the Shadow Coordinator.

    *If you are aware of other shadow experiences, or you would like to host shadow students at your place of work, please reach out with your information*


    • Mr. Christopher Roman
    • School Counselor/Shadow Coordinator
    • 973-664-2216
    • croman@mhrd.org