• Selection Process
    1. The Principal will appoint members of the faculty to serve on a selection committee. The advisor is an ex-officio member of the committee. 
    2. The committee will select junior candidates who have achieved a grade average of 93.0 or higher (not rounded) for five semesters and senior candidates who have achieved a grade average of 93.0 or higher (not rounded) for six semesters. 
    3. Students who have qualified with a 93.0 or above average will be notified in writing that they will be considered for membership if they comply with the requirements of leadership, character, and service. Students must provide a completed activity form giving references to attest to their merit in the areas of leadership, character, and service. 
    4. The high school staff will be provided with a list of nominees and also a description of criteria which members must meet. Staff will nominate individuals in each of the three categories. 
    5. Staff nominations and student activity forms will be collected and compiled by the National Honor Society advisor who will then preside at meetings of the selection committee. Additional information from report cards, student behavioral records, and permanent record cards will also be considered. 
    6. Upon receipt of the list of accepted members, the Principal will send parents and students a letter of congratulations and notification of necessity of participation in an induction ceremony. Those students who have not been selected must be notified and informed of the grounds for appeal and deadlines.