• Overview
    The primary purpose of the Business Honor Society is to recognize juniors and seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in a secondary business program.
    •  Students must be currently enrolled in business (fall and/or spring) class.
    • Seniors: Must complete 3 classes in business by the end of the current school year.
    • Juniors: Must complete 2 classes in business by the end of the current school year and enrolled in a business class for senior year.
    Academic Criteria: 
    • GPA Business Courses minimum: 90%
    •  GPA Overall minimum: 85%

    Additional Criteria

    Students selected for recognition will have also demonstrated both in the classroom and through extracurricular involvement:
    • Character (evidenced by teachers attesting to this quality)
    • Leadership (evidenced by committee chair positions, officer/chair or other lead positions in student organizations, civic/community leadership roles, etc.)
    • Service (evidenced by volunteer activities in the school and/or community, etc.)
    Application, Selection, and Recognition Process
    Students complete an application and submit it to their local school business department. Students may initiate the process or the department may solicit applications from worthy candidates.
    •  Local school department verifies eligibility and selects students. 
      • Committee of business educators (minimum of 3) will decide membership.
      • Criteria:  See above
      • A list of potential members will be distributed to all business staff for review.
      • Students may be denied if any one of the criteria is not met.
    • Selected students will be honored at an induction ceremony.
    • Local business department completes certificates and prepares and sends a congratulatory letter to each student with an additional copy to the school guidance department.
    • Graduating honorees will be awarded honor cords or pin.