• 2006 Honorees

    thomas Thomas Skutka - Honored Morris Hills Faculty
    As a student, Tom brought recognition to a very young Morris Hills High School in 1955 when he broke the National High School record for the one mile run with a time of 4.19.5, a school record that still holds today. After serving as a lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, Tom returned to Morris Hills as a teacher/librarian, where he also served as head track coach for many years. As a coach, Tom cared about every student in the school. Tom has often been called "Mr. Morris Hills" for his continued efforts at this school. Even today you will see Tom volunteering at many school-related events.
    ray Lieutenant General Ray Odierno - Honored Morris Hills AlumnusAfter graduating from Morris Hills in 1972, General Odierno was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Continuing in his military career, he became commanding general of the 4th Infantry Division in Fort Hood, Texas. It was during his time commanding this division in Iraq when Ray's troops were given credit for capturing Saddam Hussein. General Odierno is also highly regarded by the staff and students at Morris Hills for his part in permitting James Benoit's brother to forego another tour in Iraq so that he might support the family during Jimmy's lengthy treatment and recovery.
    walt Walt Stasiak - Honored Morris Knolls Faculty
    A well respected and much loved faculty member for 26 years, Mr. Stasiak touched the lives of so many students and faculty who have walked the halls of Morris Knolls. In addition to teaching Social Studies, Mr. Stasiak coached football, baseball, and wrestling. It was often said that he was not only a teacher and a coach to those teams, but he was also a father figure to many of those players who at times needed more structure in their lives.
    kathy Kathleen Beck Schrock - Honored Morris Knolls Alumna
    Mrs. Kathy Schrock is a 1975 graduate of Morris Knolls who has been on the forefront of educational technology for many years. Kathy is the author of, "Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators," available from the Discovery Channel School site, and an author of several books and hundreds of educational technology articles. In addition, in 2004 Kathy was named the Alumni of the Year from the Rutgers Graduate School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies.