• Selection Process
    Selection committees are composed of teachers, counselors, administrators, and when necessary, outside professionals in various fields, as well as the Teacher-Coordinator of the Program for the Gifted & Talented. Final selections are made based on the results of this screening procedure. Overall, emphasis is placed on the generally applicable areas of above average ability, creativity, and task commitment.    
    1. Nominations are accepted during each school year from teachers, students, and parents. Students in grades 9-12 are included in this nomination process at both Morris Hills and Morris Knolls High Schools.
    2. Nominees are notified and asked to submit further written information, recommendations, and a portfolio of work (when appropriate) or to complete an audition in the area of talent (when appropriate).
    3. Each nominee is personally interviewed by the Teacher-Coordinator of the Program for the Gifted and Talented, and in some cases, by the appropriate selection committee.
    4. Other information, which may include standardized test scores, IQ test score, past and current records of academic or artistic performance are compiled for review.