• Scholarships
    For more information, visit the MK Scholarship Program Website
    Summary of Steps
    1. View available scholarships on the MK Scholarship Program Website. It is constantly being updated so make sure you check back often!!!
    2. Download and complete the scholarship applications that are applicable to you.
    3. Fill out a Scholarship Processing Form for each scholarship that requires a transcript or letter of recommendation. Please note, if you are applying to a web-based scholarship which requires a transcript or SAT/ACT scores, you must request that transcript five (5) school days in advance.
    4. Submit all completed materials to your Guidance Counselor before the deadline. It is up to the student to examine the application requirements carefully and include all necessary materials required by the scholarship organization. Guidance is responsible only for a student's transcript, SAT/ACT scores and teacher recommendations.
    5. Remember to update your scholarship information via your Naviance Account. 
    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Rock in the School Counseling Department.