• Mission Statement
    The Morris Knolls High School School Counseling Department subscribes to the developmental counseling approach. This means that services are planned, proactive and preventative. The developmental model helps students acquire self-understanding, practice coping strategies, clarify issues or explore alternatives common to their "developmental stage" and age. In the model, the developmental focus is preventative by design and reduces the need for crisis or problem-centered services later.
    A favorable counselor/student ratio allows for frequent student contact and counselor support on a variety of issues. Students may arrange sessions with their counselor simply by signing up for an appointment. In most instances, an appointment will be scheduled in one to two days. More often, counselors will initiate sessions with students on a continuing basis throughout the year to monitor academic progress and personal growth. Since counselors work with their assigned students from grades 9-12, an effective, dynamic relationship can be established to help promote maximum achievement.
    The school counselors also encourage communication between home and school in addressing student decision-making and problem-solving situations. Counselors are always available to meet with parents or to assist in arranging parent-teacher conferences. Day and evening programs run by the department address transition, career education, standardized testing (PARCC, PSAT, SAT and ACT), scheduling, further education and financial aid planning.
    Our website has been developed for the benefit of parents/guardians, students, teachers, and administrators. Although the information is readily available here, the internet should never take the place of personal interaction with your school counselor. Parents and students are strongly encouraged to visit the guidance office often and develop a relationship with their school counselor. These professionals make a difference in the lives of our children each and every day.

    Thank you for your support and interest in our students, our department and Morris Knolls High School.