• Superintendent's Welcome
    Dear Morris Hills Regional District Community Members, 
    Welcome to the start of the school year in the Morris Hills Regional District. Our district is committed to the success of all students as we prepare a wide range of exceptional educational experiences for the upcoming school year.

    The Morris Hills Regional District has been recently monitored by the New Jersey Department of Education through the NJQSAC process. This process encompasses a comprehensive review of the district over the last three years (2009-2012) in five categories: Instruction and Program, District Operations, Fiscal Management, Governance, and Personnel. This year, the review also included observations of instruction in both buildings.

    I am pleased and honored to inform you that the Morris Hills Regional District has been rated as a high-performing district by the Department of Education in all five areas. In particular, our Instruction and Program score has improved from 76% in 2008-2009 to 95%. The success of the Morris Hills Regional District can be attributed to outstanding teacher and administrative leadership and the hard work and professionalism of our support staff at both Morris Hills High School and Morris Knolls High School.

    The Morris Hills Regional District is entering its fifth year as a School Choice District, wherein we accept a limited number of students from outside our district to attend either Hills or Knolls. This program is a great opportunity to generate revenue and open available seats for students seeking the educational opportunities offered by our district. The revenue generated helps fund programs available to all students.

    We are very proud of the educational offerings our district provides to our students. It is through the continued support from our communities that we are able to provide a comprehensive education to all of our students.

    Thank you for your continued support of the Morris Hills Regional District. We look forward to a healthy and successful school year for all of our students and staff.


    James J. Jencarelli, Jr.