• Responsibilities for Achieving Objectives

    Student Responsibilities

    • Produce high-quality homework assignments on time.
    • Plan and allocate time for the completion of long-range assignments.
    • Assume responsibility for making up work when absent.
    • Communicate to teachers any problem encountered with homework.
    • Schedule school activities and arrange outside employment to allow time for the successful completion of homework.
    • Practice good study habits and complete all work to the best of their ability.
    • Extend the learning process by reading, studying, thinking, organizing, and drawing connections among various course activities.
    • Understand that non-completion of homework will have an edverse effect on academic achievement.
    Parent Responsibilities
    • Expect your child to do homework every night. Ask about homework assignments and show that you think doing homework is an important responsibility.
    • Provide a suitable location and environment for homework.
    • Assist the student in scheduling time for homework.
    • Assist, support, and encourage without "taking over" or doing the work.
    • Initiate communication with the teacher when concerns arise.
    • Praise your child for a job well done.
    Teacher Responsibilities
    • Inform students of homework guideliness.
    • Strategically plan, provide, and explain appropriate homework activities to introduce and reinforce skills and concepts.
    • Systematically monitor and evaluate homework; check it for completeness and provide appropriate instructional feedback.
    • Clarify relationship among homework and classroom discussion, activities, etc.


Last Modified on May 26, 2008