• Philosophy
    THE MORRIS HILLS REGIONAL DISTRICT BELIEVES THAT: The ultimate goal of education is to provide for the emergence of highly motivated learners who have attained a high level of basic competence and an ability to deal with complexity and change, both autonomously and with others, in our contemporary society.
    The Morris Hills Regional District is committed to providing a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of its students now and in the future. It recognizes the importance of providing the skills necessary for students to be good citizens in society, the technical skills necessary for students to compete successfully in an ever-increasingly complex working environment, and the advanced skills required in all areas for students who intend to further their post-graduate education.
    Concern for students’ personal growth and social responsibility is equally important to the Morris Hills Regional District. An understanding of the diversity of human nature and an acceptance of it as the norm will result in a cooperative attitude toward decision making and problem solving. In order to help students achieve an internal sense of self-worth while maintaining respect for the dignity of others, students will be provided with opportunities to clarify their values and ethics, develop civic responsibility, recognize and appreciate the importance of multicultural diversity in our global society, and develop expertise in working closely with others to attain desired goals.
    In order to assist students to achieve the academic and personal skills necessary for personal satisfaction and societal contribution, we believe in providing students with real experience engaging all their systems and their innate curiosity and involving them in appropriate physical movement, social interactions, practical projects, uses of language, and creative enterprises. The Morris Hills Regional District recognizes the importance of community involvement in this process. Close ties with parents, non-profit organizations, businesses, and higher educational institutions are a primary focus. The District is equally committed to providing an environment conducive to learning. To this end, the District actively supports a staff development program, provides the resources for the entire educational program, advocates an inclusive curriculum which is academically integrated across all disciplines, significantly involves the teaching staff in the decision making process, and provides students with a wide range of co-curricular activities. To monitor the success of its program, the District supports a broad-based assessment program which includes emphasis on authentic activities as well as on traditional assessment.
    The Morris Hills Regional District advocates a sound educational program to meet the unique needs and interests of all its students. Strong community ties, the nurturing and support of its staff, the provision of a curriculum to meet the needs of every student regardless of ability or background, and a safe and effective learning environment are the cornerstones for the effective education of Morris Hills Regional District students.