• Mission and Vision
    Mission Statement
    The Morris Hills Regional District, in shared responsibility with all stakeholders, empowers students to become contributing members and leaders of a global society who can effectively communicate and collaborate with others, take responsibility as productive citizens, and become life-long learners.
    Vision Statement
    We, as professional, caring educators will:
    • foster critical thinking, problem-solving and 21st Century skills. 
    • nurture dynamic and creative minds.  
    • facilitate productive habits of mind 
    • celebrate the importance of diversity through the appreciation, respect, and compassion for others. 
    • practice a diverse, relevant, and comprehensive curriculum.  provide resources for the efficient integration of technology into the curriculum. 
    • cultivate effective communication skills relevant to a 21st Century world. 
    •  achieve rigorous and transferable educational goals in a challenging learning community. 
    •  extend valuable attributes, including self-discipline, team work, and confidence, through the athletic and extra-curricular lens.