• Goals 2020
    Curriculum and Instruction
    Morris Hills Regional District will develop a personalized learning experience through a comprehensive and diverse curriculum that
    empowers all students to become meaningful contributors to a global society through innovative instructional practices and authentic
    measures for assessing understanding.
    Professional Development
    Morris Hills Regional District will promote and facilitate standards-based professional development that is relevant to all stakeholders and
    responds to emerging needs. Targeted areas include, but are not limited to, developing effective teaching skills that meet the specific needs
    of all learners, infusing technology throughout instruction and infrastructure, fostering collegial relationships that advance learning
    communities, and providing the appropriate resources to empower life-long learners.
    Community and Security
    Morris Hills Regional District will encourage a relationship between the district and community that incorporates parental, student, and
    community involvement to promote mutual support for instructional and volunteer endeavors. Within this learning community, the district
    will provide an environment that is physically and emotionally secure.
    Integrity and Ethics
    The Morris Hills Regional District will empower the entire community to respect and celebrate the diverse strengths and experiences of each individual in the global community through civic service and an appreciation of various perspectives with an emphasis on personal integrity, ethical responsibility, team-building, persistence, and accountability.
    Technology & Globalization
    Morris Hills Regional District will provide resources for efficient integration of technology into its schools and curriculum through
    economically and environmentally responsible means while connecting to the global community and facilitating intercultural collaboration.
    Fiscal Responsibility and Infrastructure
    Morris Hills Regional District will appropriately and responsibly allocate fiscal resources to provide all students with an effective learning
    environment. The district will seek alternative funding, share resources and services, and pursue viable opportunities to reduce the tax
    burden on the district’s residents without compromising the quality of education.
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