• gail










    Gail M. Libby

    Business Administrator / Board Secretary

    NSLP - Hearing Official


    Alicia Valverde-Mesa

    Assistant Business Administrator

    Assistant Board Secretary

    NSLP - Confirming Official


    Dezaray K. Semer

    AA to Business Administrator

    Business Application Coordinator

    NSLP - Determining / Verifying Official


    Sharon Ruiz

    Staff  Accountant - Payroll


    Petya Seaman

    Staff Accountant - Accounts Payable


    Francis Pratt

    Inventory & Fixed Assets Coordinator

Standard Operating Procedures

Vendor Registration or Updates

  • To register as a new vendor or update your documentation on file please visit our Vendor Portal

    The vendor portal offers online registration, change of address, ACH enrollment, and more. 

The Morris Hills Regional District Business Office

  • The Business Office is responsible for the sound fiscal management of financial resources provided to the District by federal, state, and local entities.  Our goal is to ensure those resources are utilized effectively and efficiently while supporting the mission of the District. 

    We hope you find the information here both useful and user-friendly. Should you have any questions please use the contact list to the left, call 973-664-2281, or if you're a District employee submit a BOSC ticket. 

    If you need assistance with MySchoolBucks - please call 1-855-832-5226. Support is offered in English, Espanol, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

    If you need assistance with meal benefits please email

Legal Notices & Bids

Refund or Transfer of School Meal Balances

  • If your student is graduating and has a school meal (cafeteria) credit balance, upon request, the Business Office will transfer that credit to another student in your household. This includes payments made in person or through My School Bucks. 

    If you do not have an underclassman we will refund your credit balance. Please allow 3-4 weeks for a check to be processed.

    To request a transfer OR a refund please complete the MHRD Transfer/Refund Form

Student Accident Insurance

  • For information or to purchase voluntary student accident insurance please visit If you have coverage and need to submit a claim, the claim forms are provided below.