Use of the District’s computer facilities is a privilege given to students to facilitate completion of class assignments and projects. The proper use of these facilities is detailed in the Board of Education’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which can be found on the district website (Board 58 Policy 2361 – Acceptable use of…). Below are some clarifications and rules that, together with the AUP, set the expectations that students will adhere to regarding computers and related systems.

    Unacceptable uses include:

    • Copying commercial software in violation of copyright laws
    • Using the network for financial profit, commercial advertising, or political lobbying
    • Participating in any illegal activity
    • Violating the rights of privacy of others
    • Performing any acts of vandalism defined as a malicious attempt to harm or destroy another

    user’s data or to degrade a computer’s software performance

    • Participating in any unauthorized activity
    • Downloading, storing, or printing files that are profane, in violation of the District Weapons Policy, offensive or illegal, including possession of files in violation of Board of Education policy.

    Individuals violating this policy shall be subject to appropriate discipline which includes but is not limited to:

    • Use of network only under direct supervision
    • Suspension of network/computer privileges
    • Revocation of network/computer privileges
    • Suspension from school
    • Expulsion from school and/or Legal action and prosecution by the authorities

    All computer e-mail, software, hardware, and all data contained therein is the property of the Morris Hills Regional School District and can be used for educational purposes only. The District has the right to access and examine all data stored on its computer systems.