COVID 19 Update:  All changes to the AP Program for Spring 2021 can be found at the College Board's website: 
    The Advanced Placement Program at Morris Hills Regional District
    The Morris Hills Regional District offers 27 Advanced Placement (AP) courses in a variety of content areas.  AP courses are college-level courses taken by high school students.  AP course content is determined and certified by the College Board (the makers of the SAT).  Students can sit for the AP exam in May in order to earn college credit for the course. Eligibility for college credit is based on exam results and the credit policies at individual colleges and universities. Because teachers have to deliver the AP curriculum by the end of April in preparation for the May exam, AP courses move at a faster pace than honors courses, and a significant amount of work is done independently by the students outside of class time. Due to the intense nature of the workload, an AP course requires extensive analytical skills, expert time management skills, and a passion for learning.  Students interested in taking AP courses should take honors courses in those academic areas as freshmen and sophomores. AP courses are weighted and often have a summer assignment associated with them. Most AP courses are available only to juniors and seniors, although a few are open to freshmen and sophomores.  The district encourages all motivated students to consider taking one or more AP courses while in high school. 
    Please find below some additional resources about the AP Program from the College Board: 
    AP Overview (PowerPoint Presentation)
    If you have any questions about AP courses at Morris Hills or Morris Knolls, please contact your school counselor.  Students enrolled in AP classes will have access to College Board practice questions through the AP Online Portal. 
    7th Annual AP District Honor Roll Recipient