• Options for School Choice and Switching Schools 
    The chart below outlines options for students who are interested in attending either Morris Hills or Morris Knolls and have unique circumstances.  
    If your circumstance is not listed below, please contact Dr. Zoeller’s office at 973-664-2293.
    Situation Options
    The student lives outside of Denville, Rockaway Borough, Rockaway Township, or Wharton and wants to attend MHRD.
    The student can apply to attend through the Inter-District School Choice Program; deadlines are set by the state and are firm. www.mhrd.org (Click on School Choice Programs Quick Link)
    The student lives in-district and wants to switch schools; the student is not physically moving to another address.
    -Incoming 9th graders can file an Intra-District School Choice lottery application when they are in 8th grade (up to 15 seats available)-transportation guaranteed. Applications are available online at www.mhrd.org beginning March 1. No reasons are required.
    -All other students have to write to the Superintendent requesting the switch with a list of reasons—this is NOT School Choice and transportation may not be provided. A decision will be made by the Superintendent after consultation with building administration.   
    The student lives in-district and moves to another in-district location that would require switching schools. The student can request to stay at his or her current school by writing to the Superintendent; transportation is not guaranteed. This is NOT School Choice. A decision will be made by the Superintendent after consultation with building administration. 
    The student lives in-district and moves to an out-of-district location.
    The student can write to the Superintendent asking to stay through Inter-District School Choice; The student must also file an Inter-District School Choice application by the state deadline for automatic admission. Applications filed after the state deadline are subject to review by the Superintendent and building administration. Seniors who move after the choice deadline can also be considered through the senior privilege option.
    The student is a Magnet, IB, or AVID student and drops out of the program.
    Students can remain in their current school with the permission of the principal or they can go back to the high school designated by their residence (their choice). Out-of-district choice students can choose to remain in the regular program of their current MHRD school.