• Staff
    Sonya Boyer -Director of Special Services/Affirmative Action Officer/Educational Stability and Homeless Liaison/Anti-Bullying Coordinator

    Kevin Kelly - District Supervisor of Instruction-Special Services

    Child Study Team
    Name Email
    Alyson Seltzer - School Psychologist aseltzer@mhrd.org
    Leigh Wojcik - School Psychologist lwojcik@mhrd.org
    Christine Dul - School Social Worker cdul@mhrd.org
    Chris Hurley - School Social Worker churley@mhrd.org
    Michele Magliano - LDTC mmagliano@mhrd.org

    Special Education Staff
    Name Email
    Michele Melendez mmelendez@mhrd.org
    Emily Tarantola etarantola@mhrd.org
    Chris Carrano ccarrano@mhrd.org
    Danielle Harkins dharkings@mhrd.org
    Catherine Hudak chudak@mhrd.org
    Andrew Maclay amaclay@mhrd.org
    Todd Schoeps tschoeps@mhrd.org
    Nicole Penza npenza@mhrd.org
    Doris Lembo dlembo@mhrd.org