• MK Special Services

    Sonya Boyer -Director of Special Services/Affirmative Action Officer/Educational Stability and Homeless Liaison/Anti-Bullying Coordinator

    Kevin Kelly- District Supervisor of Instruction-Special Services 

    Karen Kufall - Admin Assistant Special Services

    Child Study Team
    Name Email Phone
    Bianca DiFulco- School Psychologist bdifulco@mhrd.org x2208
    Debra McNally - School Social Worker dmcnally@mhrd.org x2246
    Robyn Vetter- LDTC rvetter@mhrd.org x2227
    Leah Barskiy -School Psychologist lbarskiy@mhrd.org x2225
    Maria Callanan- School Psychologist mcallanan@mhrd.org x2228
    Mary O’Shea - LDTC moshea@mhrd.org x2249
    Dr. Susan Herschman - School Psychologist sherschman@mhrd.org x2224
    Joan Prach - Administrative Assistant jprach@mhrd.org x2221
    Nicole Grignon -Administrative Assistant ngrignon@mhrd.org x2222
    Special Education Teachers
    Name Email
    Adrian Cortes acortes@mhrd.org
    Amanda Manjorin - Consulting Teacher amanjorin@mhrd.org
    Anthony Vasile avasile@mhrd.org
    Bryan McMahon bmcmahon@mhrd.org
    Craig Miniter cminiter@mhrd.org
    Cynthia Garcia cgarcia@mhrd.org
    Dan McDonald dmcdonald@mhrd.org
    Deborah Fuhrmann dfuhrmann@mhrd.org
    Diana Burlick dburlick@mhrd.org
    Elizabeth Sills esills@mhrd.org
    Irene Fischetti ifischetti@mhrd.org
    Jacqueline Rodimer jrodimer@mhrd.org
    Jolyn Veres jveres@mhrd.org
    Joseph Kelly jkelly@mhrd.org
    Kelly Lestrange klestrange@mhrd.org
    Kathryn Karovic kkarovic@mhrd.org
    Maryanne Fisher mfisher@mhrd.org
    Matthew Kelly mkelly@mhrd.org
    Michele Chaffee mchaffee@mhrd.org
    Nicole Denton ndenton@mhrd.org
    Nicole Shubert nshubert@mhrd.org
    Reid Kaufman rkaufman@mhrd.org
    Stephanie Fasano sfasano@mhrd.org
    Susan Metzger smetzger@mhrd.org
    Terri Short-Lyons tshortlyons@mhrd.org

    Name Email Phone
    Janine Rinaldi jrinaldi@mhrd.org x2247
    Heather Jensen hjensen@mhrd.org x2257
    Reading Specialist
    Connie Conti  cconti@mhrd.org