• Overview
    The Morris Hills Regional District offers Title I Programming at Morris Hills High School in Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics. 
    • The Title I Program in Language Arts focuses on improving literacy skills through a pull-out reading program delivered by a certified reading specialist. 


    • The Title I Program in Mathematics focuses on improving mathematics skills through an after-school tutoring program (1-4 days per week) delivered by certified math teachers. 


    • Students are identified for each program based on prior-year grades, standardized test scores, and/or teacher recommendations. 

    Anyone with general questions can contact the Title I Coordinator, Dr. Nisha Zoeller, at 973-664-2293 or via email nzoeller@mhrd.org.  Questions about the Title I Reading Program can be directed to Mrs. Jennifer Toriello, Director of Language Arts, at jtoriello@mhrd.org.  Questions about the Title I Math Program can be directed to Ms. Cheryl Giordano, Director of Mathematics, at cgiordano@mhrd.org.  

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