• Overview
    It is the Mission of MH PRIDE to educate people about identity, to promote a safe and equal school environment where no student feels disenfranchised. We work to increase people’s awareness of the impact of stereotypes and prejudice. MH PRIDE seeks to develop a school environment where difference is valued for the positive contribution it makes in creating a more vibrant and diverse community. MH PRIDE promotes equality and acceptance for everyone. We are committed to respecting each others views and opinions. We respect and embrace diversity and difference. It is the goal of MH PRIDE to ensure a safe and accepting environment for all.
    MH PRIDE meets after school weekly on Thursdays. We promote and participate in community service activities. MH PRIDE, partners with Starbucks to sponsor an annual “Arts Day” which promotes visual, and performance arts. We partner with ERASE to participate in activities such as movies, International Night and “Mix it up Day”. MH PRIDE has worked with the library to identify and improve literary resources for all students.