• Overview
    FCCLA is a nationally recognized organization that helps students at Morris Hills become strong leaders. We are dedicated to connecting family life with all aspects of school, work, and the community. The club meets weekly to raise funds for charitable projects. Main events organized by FCCLA include:  
    • Sponsoring a blood drive for students, teachers, and parents 
    • Raising funds for Feed the Children, a program that delivers food to hungry children and their families 
    • Raising violence awareness in conjunction with the Peer Leaders 
    • Collecting lunch-box snacks for the orphans at St. Peter’s Collecting “pop tops” for The Ronald McDonald House, a charity that reaches out to children in need
    • Creating “exit baskets” for Amandala Crossing, a shelter for homeless women and children
    Doris Lembo dlembo@mhrd.org