• Overview
    The science department at Morris Hills offers a full spectrum of science courses geared to meet the needs and interests of the Morris Hills student body. In order to graduate from Morris Hills High School, students must complete 15 credits from the science department. In order to meet the 15-credit graduation requirement, all students must do the following:
    • Complete and pass a full year (5 credits) of Biology 1. 
    • Complete and pass one of the following full year courses (5 credits): Chemistry 1, Environmental Science, or Physics 1. 
    • Complete and pass one additional full year science class or two half-year science courses (5 credits). Except for Science, Inquiry, and Technology 1,2 & 3, all of the science offerings count towards the 15-credit graduation requirement.
    mh_science_logo Each year, the science department hosts Science Night for the community. The evening’s events are geared towards middle school students and their families. Last year’s Science Night included demonstrations Entitled: “Animal Behavior”, “Lava Lamps”, “Slime”, “Oscillation Reactions”, “Sound”, “Non-Newtonian Fluids”, “Invisible Ink”, “Graphic Arts”, “Wood Shop”, “Metal Working”, “Optics”, “Lunar Samples”, “Weather Wonders”, and “Chromatography”. At the end of the night, visitors were able to take home their own, bracelet, pen, and Lava Lamp. As a special treat, visitors were able to see actual pieces of moon rocks provided by NASA.