• Overview
    Physical Education (Grades 9-12)
    Our Physical Education courses are comprehensive programs including activities that promote character education, personal wellness including physical fitness and nutrition along with skill development. A variety of activities are offered which provide students with opportunities to develop strong, healthy bodies and a foundation of knowledge to participate in individual and team sport activities.
    Health Education (Grades 9-12)
    A variety of units of instruction will provide students with knowledge and skills essential for healthful living in our society. This contemporary view of health focuses on taking personal responsibility through an active, healthy lifestyle that fosters a lifelong commitment to overall wellness.
    • Grade 9 Health: Students will study units with emphasis on human sexuality also including alcohol, tobacco, and drug education.
    • Grade 10 Driver Education Theory: This New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission certified course of instruction emphasizes proper driving attitudes and skills, as well as knowledge of state laws.
    • Grade 11 Health: Focus of study include units in drugs, alcohol, tobacco, mental health, with emphasis on relationships, and first aid with an emphasis on highlighting CPR and AED usage.
    • Grade 12 Health: Relationships with families and society, human sexuality, family planning, domestic violence and sexual assault are topics in the senior year health course.
    • For more information, click to view Health and Family Life Education FAQ.