• Overview


    The Family and Consumer Sciences Department is in the forefront of strengthening individual, family, and community well being. We believe in the importance of offering educational opportunities to all individuals that will enhance intellectual development and maximize overall potential. Family Consumer Sciences content is a lifelong process that supports the necessary development of life skills essential to becoming confident and responsible citizens within the community. 

    The philosophy of the Family and Consumer Sciences Department is to empower individuals, support families, and enable communities through education and application. Instruction in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department emphasizes the following: Food Science and Nutrition, Multicultural Diversity, and balancing family and work through Exploring Childcare. Extended educational opportunities via the Gifted and Talented program are available in all course areas. 

    Through these classes, the core curriculum is established and then developed for relevance to a student’s everyday life. Also instrumental in our department is helping students investigate and plan for possible careers, develop necessary skills for employment, improve financial literacy, utilize resource management skills, and enhance positive communication skills. 

    The Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum engages students in planning, preparing, and analyzing daily projects or issues, and stress the importance of leadership skills and team building. Focusing on individual wellness which includes physical health, exercise, and proper nutrition is essential to our program. Courses also provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to take on adult roles and responsibilities in their own families, communities, and world. The Family and Consumer Sciences Department prepares students for today’s complex life style, which include family, work, community, and the global society.