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2017-2018 District Summer Reading Contest

2017-2018 District Summer Reading Contest  

The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Amazon!


Believe it or not, after ringing in the New Year, we are already in the process of choosing a book for our District Summer Reading Program.  This year, we thought it would be fun to include all of you in the decision making process!

Do you have a book in mind?

Perhaps you’ve read something particularly inspirational lately?  

The English Department is eager to hear your perspective!  

The following is what we consider when selecting a title:

 Relevance: contains interesting, current issues

 Readability: fitting for all grades 9-12

 Appropriateness: PG subject matter and language

 Inspirational:  enriches and broadens one’s perspective

If you would like to participate, please adhere to the following procedure:

  • Craft a description of the book and why you think it would be a beneficial choice  

  • Include how the book corresponds to the criteria above  

  • Submit your proposal to your English teacher no later than January 31, 2017


If you are one of the finalists, you will have an opportunity to pitch your selection to members of the English Department.  

In addition,  if your book is chosen, you will have the honor of being part of the committee that chooses an appropriate activity for the District Summer Read Kickoff in September!  

We look forward to reading your entries!